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Software guides - INKSCAPE

  • 1

    Create document

    1.1 .Go to File> New . You will open a window (image below) where you can define the settings of the document.

    1.2 .In Units choose the unit you prefer, in this case we used Milimeters .

    1.3 .In Width define the width of your document and, in the Height the height.

    1.4 .On the menu Color Management on Available Color Profiles choose Generic CMYK Profile so there is no change in color (image below).

  • 2


    2.1 .Make sure you add 4mm (0.4cm) to the height and width of your document.In the case of the 8.5x5.5cm business card insert 8.9x5.9cm.

  • 3


    3.1 .Go to the File> Save As and in the window that opens (image below), select Portable Document Format (PDF) and then click Save .

    3.2 .In the new window that opens, select the Convert text to path option so your document does not change. In Resolution for rasterization (dpi) enter 300. Click Ok .